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People have been getting into accidents and suffering injuries since the creation of man, and unfortunately, some of these injuries can be due to the actions of others. There is no way to go back in time and prevent an injury; however, personal injury law is a means to make the injured whole again. There are many different forms of compensation for injuries such as monetary or even penal actions against an individual. The typical injury lawsuit is often settled out of court without a verdict being rendered.

People tend to think that an injury has to be physical in nature, but the truth is that an injury can be defined as any violation of someone's legally protected interest. This would include mental or emotion damage or strain, destruction or damage to property, and in some cases harm to a person's reputation. If their interests are violated, the injured party can seek legal relief in a courtroom.

Damages typically refer to a monetary reward for injuries. These rewards are meant to compensate the injured for the damage he or she received. Punitive damages are usually reserved for severe cases where the defendant acted with malice. Different states may have limits on how much a plaintiff can receive in damages.

If you have the misfortune to find yourself injured, and happen to have a legitimate claim for the injury, Weinman Thomas will be able to expertly prepare your case and will fight for your claim in court. Our attorneys have years of experience analyzing evidence, examining witnesses, dealing with insurance companies, and negotiating settlements.

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