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Medical malpractice can happen at even the most respected hospitals and health care facilities. People go to these institutions with the expectation of quality health care, but sometimes that isn’t what they receive. Laws have been enacted to protect a patient’s right to sue and receive compensation when they have been injured at the hands of medical practitioner. Problems such as misdiagnosed illnesses, wrong medications, patient mix-ups and negligent care can be addressed by the courts on behalf of patients or their families. 

Medical malpractice can occur when hospitals, doctors, nurses, physician assistants and even pharmaceutical companies don’t live up to their duty to provide proper health care. A successful claim must find out who was at fault for the malpractice and it must that negligence was involved in the injury in some manner. It must be shown that the provider had a duty to provide the care, that they strayed from the standard procedure and that an injury resulted from the event. When these elements are present, you should contact Weiman Thomas Law Firm at once.

Weinman Thomas provides the highest level of representation to individuals in both civil and criminal cases in Jackson and West Tennessee. We specialize in Medical Malpractice, Employment Law, Criminal Law, Sexual Harassment, Civil Rights, Social Security Disability, Injury Law, Business Litigation & Education Rights.

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