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Were you wrongfully laid off? Have you been the victim of harassment or discrimination at your place of employment? Has your employer refused to pay out earned benefits? Consider hiring Weinman Thomas Law Firm with the experience and knowledge to get restitution for your grievances.

Don't succumb when you've been wronged by your employer, you deserve a representative with your best interest at heart. The type of case that is most prevalent is unjust termination for an invalid cause. Federal law mandates that employees can not be let go based on any of the following reasons, gender, ethnicity, religion, race, age, or disability. If an employer engages in this behavior they are subject to civil liability and restitution to the employee. There is a concrete ban on all discriminatory practices in the work place at any level in the company. Both federal and state laws have been created to protect employees from any despicable practices regarding labor. They must comply with all wage laws according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. They are in place to ensure a worker is paid a fair wage.

These rights also protect an employees family life as well, the Family and Medical Leave Act. This is to ensure employees are granted a reasonable amount of time to engage in family responsibilities or emergencies. There are even organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration who enforce the laws set in place by the state and federal governments. This ensures they adhere to strict safety standards across the nation. It also protects their privacy as they cannot be monitored by the employees according to law.

If you find yourself needing an attorney for a matter related to employment, it is wise to Weinman Thomas Law Firm. Employment is a broad area to cover and there are different types of lawyers to cover the various disciplines. Contact us to insure you get the experience and compensation you deserve.

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