Educational Rights Infringement in Trenton, TN

Everyone should have access to free education of reasonable quality. Students in Tennessee have the right to learn in a non-hostile environment with dedicated teachers who respect the students. Education is a fundamental function in any society; this is why there is a detailed section of law dedicated to it. Education has many different balances that must be fulfilled: Making sure a child receives quality education, while allowing parents to determine what they want their children to learn; ensuring the safety of students while protecting their constitutional rights; making accommodations for students with disabilities and tight budgets; and protecting the security and freedom of a teachers job, while making sure they educate their students properly.

The law has measures put in place to protect the teacher’s right as an employee, as well as their academic freedoms. Unions are a major function for protecting the rights of teachers, setting standards for how long they can work and what duties they may fulfill. The section titled Teachers Rights provides further information on the subject. We have faith in the power of education. We also support the idea that every child in Tennessee has the right to the best possible chance and education. If your child has special circumstances, such as a disability, that requires tools not provided by the schools or enforced by the law, or if they have been subject to abuse or discrimination, Weinaman Thomas wants to help.

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