Civil Rights Abuse in Trenton, TN

Civil rights laws ensure that all Americans are provided equal rights under our laws. This protects our citizens from not only abuses that may come from the general population, but also from those who are in control of our government. In fact, civil rights laws give individuals the right to seek both criminal and civil retribution.

Many of the cases involving a breach of civil rights involve the abuse of power by the police who were hired to protect these people from abuse. Each year, our courts must rule on charges of police brutality, use of illegal search and seizure, and even more serious instances of abuse such as police shootings and killings. Civil rights abuse by the authorities is not limited to the police, but can also be found within our court system. There have been cases whereby individuals who were convicted of a crime were later exonerated through the use of DNA testimony. In such cases, the defendant will often receive a settlement that runs into the millions of dollars from a jury who realizes the seriousness of having a person taken away from his or her family, friends, and job, as well as the loss of reputation that comes along with wrongful incarceration.

Anyone who feels that their rights have been violated should seek the advice of an attorney immediately, since there are laws limiting the length of time one has to bring legal action. You may be entitled to monetary compensation. For more information, please contact Weinman Thomas Law Firm today.

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